Combination Brows

Combination Brows

Best Combination EyeBrow Services in
Mumbai | India

Victress Beauty offers one of the best combination eyebrow services in Mumbai | India. Combination brows is a permanent tattoo that is a mix between a Feather Touch Brow and a Powder Brow. It is basically a combination of microblading and microshading. It starts with hair strokes at the start of the brow to create a natural look, blended into a powder brow to get a beautiful definition at the end.

Our best combination eyebrow services in Mumbai | India can:

– Add thickness to your brows

– Add shape to your brows

– Enhance the color of your brows

– Rectify minor issues

The shading can be either done manually or with a machine depending on the skin type and individual’s preference. This semi-permanent natural brow tattoo lasts anywhere between 1 to 3 years. We also have the best tattoo studio in mumbai.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, most of us are not lucky enough to be blessed with perfect trimmed brows, however, eyebrow tattooing can sort that out! Achieving the right eyebrow shape and look defines your face.
Microblading and microshading frames and enhances your eyes which makes you look and feel significantly younger as it gives your eyes a polished and natural look. Also, it balances out your face and gives it an asymmetrical look.  Ombre eyebrows tattooing is extremely beneficial for you, if you have unsteady hands or vision problems. Eyebrow tattooing is great for most people from all walks of life who are willing to invest in their looks and who love to look great at all times.

If you are seeking for a naturally defined look, then this ombre eyebrow microblading and microshading tattoo treatment is the one for you. The eyebrow in this treatment is lighter and wispier in the front due to the hair strokes which is placed at the start of the brow.

Microblading is a permanent tattooing technique that uses a manual handheld tool to deposit pigment in hair-like strokes.
A blend of Microblading and Microshading is used to create the combination brows.

Combination eyebrow tattoo lasts anywhere near 1-3 years and they last a little longer than microblading. However, pigment longetivity depends on a person’s skin type. Tattoos may not last as long on oilier skin whereas if you have dry or fair skin they will need to be refreshed less often.

Combination eyebrows is a permanent make-up procedure, where the inner eyebrow is filled with hair strokes and the tail of the brows is powdered. It is basically a combination of microblading and ombre brows.

This type of procedure is considered to have zero to minimal discomfort. However, each client faces a different degree of discomfort. Although, topical anesthesia is always applied before starting the treatment which will reduce the amount of pain, if you feel any.

Soon after your treatment, you may experience tingling, itchiness, flaking, redness on or near the tattooed area, in such cases:

  • Always follow your specialist’s advice,
  • Avoid the sun radiations at least for a month or so,
  • Avoid intense workouts or any such activities which will lead to excessive sweating,
  • Avoid using makeup, oils, lotions, or any such products to the tattooed area for at least a week,
  • Lastly, you must be patient at all stage as everyone heals at different rates. Just be patient and look forward to seeing the amazing results that you’ve been hoping for.

Anyone between the age of 18-80 can do cosmetic tattooing, however, permanent eyebrow tattoo can particularly be suited for you if:

  • You find difficulty in doing your eyebrows,
  • You tend to play a lot of sports or activities which tend to sweat off your makeup,
  • You’re an active busy individual who doesn’t have the time to do your eyebrows every morning,
  • You suffer from vision problems,
  • You suffer from cosmetic allergies or skin sensitivities.


Yo need not carry around your makeup products wherever you go.

Unsteady hands

If your hands shake while doing your brows then this treatment is made for you, you can have your brows professionally tattooed on and you’ll always be perfectly ready.

Can hide any scars

If you have scarring in your eyebrow area, semi-permanent makeup can help reduce its appearance

Time efficient

Semi-permanent makeup is perfect for you if you lead a busy lifestyle and don’t have much time to regularly apply makeup.

Improves your look

Semi-permanent brow tattoo frames your face and improves the shape and definition of your brows.

Virtually Weightless

Semi-permanent tattoo eyebrows are almost weightless, they give a superbly natural look which won’t even fall out too soon. There will be no need of applying heavy makeup products on your brows, leaving a weightless experience.

Saves money

Saves money on additional eyebrow make-up purchases.

smudge Proof

No more worrying about eyebrows getting smudged, you can easily enjoy all your smudge-free sports.

Save time

Semi-permanent brow tattoo can help you save a lot of time which you would end up spending during the eyebrow product application and removal part.


When professionally applied, semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo techniques do not damage the usual brows.

Long lasting

Semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing could last up to 2-3 years depending on your skin type and exposure to the sun

Boosts confidence

Semi-Permanent eyebrow tattoos can help give you confidence while creating a polished and well-presented look


Semi-permanent eyebrows are ideal for active, busy women or even for those who don’t want to worry about doing their eyebrows every morning without any mess or effort.


With minimal effort, you can always look your best and remain confident in your appearance throughout the day.

Ready for Life

Having your eyebrows naturally ready each morning saves you time and the stress of doing it every morning. You can  have perfect eyebrows every time you wake up.

We at Victress Beauty Academy, specialize in high-quality beauty services, and combination eyebrows are one of them. We are one of the best combination eyebrow services in Mumbai. Our main goal with eyebrow ombre microshading is to give each and every client individual care by utilizing the best standard and services available. We are a company designed to help you acquire the brows of your dreams with the help of our permanent eyebrow tattoo.

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