Lip Blush Enhancement

Lip Blush Enhancement

Best Lip Blush Treatment in Mumbai | India

Our Best Permanent Lip blush treatment in Mumbai is a cosmetic tattooing procedure that intensifies the beauty of the natural lip color. Permanent lip blush treatment elaborates the shape of your lips and improves the texture by giving definition to your lips. This treatment brings out a natural look and gives an optical illusion of fuller lips.

The best permanent lip blush treatment in mumbai is a method designed to enhance the natural color and shape of your lips for more than 1 year. Permanent lip blush is a specialized aesthetic treatment, which is used to correct, modify and redefine your lips. It intensifies the shape of your lips permanently. The results are more natural-looking than any other temporary applied cosmetics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Best lip blush treatment in Mumbai has become very popular. The lip blush technique is a permanent makeup that is used to make lips fuller and prettier. It is important for the person undergoing permanent lip blush makeup treatment to have proper care before and after the treatment.

  1. We recommend the client, not to fillers 2 months before or after your lip blush makeup tattoo treatment.
  2. Permanent lip blush tattoo treatment can only transform the color of the lips and not change the natural shape.
  3. We recommend any person going through permanent lip blush tattoo treatment, make an appointment for touch-ups every 2 years to prevent fading.
  1. After the procedure—the technician will provide ice to apply on the lips. Over the next week, the lips will start to rejuvenate, meaning they may start to exfoliate, so it is important for the concerned person who is getting permanent lip blush treatment to book their appointment carefully.
  2. First 24 hours, we recommend our clients smoothly smudge their lips with a wet cotton pad and let them air dry. The reason we ask our clients to follow this procedure is that it is important to keep the lips clean and eradicate any body fluids that have developed and prevent the fluids from forming any tenderness.
  3. Later the procedure lips will appear to be very dark and bright but will build up a more tinted natural look subsequently.
  4. Use sterile water and a cotton pad to clean the affected area.
  5. Apply a moisturizer to the affected area to keep the lips moist. We recommend an ointment called Aquaphor.
  6. We recommend the clients avoid specific spicy foods and as a matter of fact, we also recommend avoiding direct contact with food and drinks for the next 2 days. Usage of straws while consuming fluids is recommended.
  7. Lips will be swollen, delicate and red. We recommend our clients use ice packs on the affected area for the cooling effect.
  8. We suggest our clients not pick, peel or scratch.
  9. No makeup before the scabs come off naturally.
  10. Nearing day 4 the scabs will come off eventually. Lips will be parched, dry and coarse. We recommend the client keep the lips moisturized.
  11. By day 4 most of the peeling should be completed. Lips will feel dry and chapped, keep moisturized.
  12. After scabs come off, the colour of the lips will appear softer almost looking frosty. The permanent lip blush color will appear from time to time for 28 days, the color will come back little by little every day for 28 days. Keep applying moisturizer.
  13. When it comes to dryness of the lips, it is an important fact that they come off naturally—peeling them can result in damage to the lips or loss of pigmentation in those areas. People who regularly exercise are recommended to avoid workouts and sun exposure for two weeks. To the clients who are planning to get permanent lip blush treatment, we suggest they plan a month prior before they get the procedure. We recommend our clients to not sleep on their faces as it allows the solution to fall off prematurely. An ointment called Aquaphor would be provided to the client and it should be applied to keep the lips properly moisturized.
  14. Initially, the colour of the lips will be vividly sharp and will look like a lip stain. It is important that the clients should not be deceived by the immediate outcomes. The instant outcomes appear to be nothing like when the lips are healed. Once rejuvenated, the colour almost fades subsequently 30-50 percent and also you can see the lip blush colour is combined with the natural lip colour.
  15. In the end, the blisters generally last for five to seven days, and eventually, after four weeks, they will be healed completely. We suggest our clients make a touch-up appointment within six weeks. A touch-up session is recommended because the client may want to make some changes in the shape of the blush or to fill in areas where the colour pigmentation is not filled. Permanent lip blush treatments in mumbai require proper planning and suitable care pre and post-treatment.

Semi-Permanent lip blush treatment is done through a technique called pixelating.

In semi-permanent lip blush makeup treatment we follow a method called micro pigments. In this treatment traditional ink tattoos are accumulated on the epidermal layer of the skin that covers the lips.

  1. The technician will do a thorough cross-examination of the health of your lips and explain all the details and expectations of the treatment.
  2. The technician will analyze the density and tonality of the upper and lower lip lines after which they will draw the shape of the lip line. First, they will ask you to pout your lips, apply an anesthetic formula to pre-numb the lips for 20 minutes. Subsequently, the concerned person will draw the shape of the “new” lips so that you can check out the shape and make any corrections.
  3. A local anesthesia formula is applied to the lip area to pre numb the lips and to reduce pain.
  4. We choose the color that best suits your skin.
  5. The micro pigmentation machine is assembled.
  6. Slightly light pressure is exercised with the tip of the machine needle and the ink is laid away in a consecutive way.
  7. A manageable pain might be felt in the treated area.
  8. The procedure continues for about 2 and a half-hour, the duration of the procedure depends on the look of what a person is going for. Once the procedure is completed, the lips may be swollen—as it is a lip blush permanent makeup
  9. The technician will moderately massage the lips.
  10. Since this is a permanent lip blush makeup tattoo treatment, the lip colour will fade away after few years so we recommend our clients for touch-up treatment.
  11. Why permanent lip blush tattoo?
  12. Lips come out to be more specifically defined without surgery or fillers.
  13. Revitalize the colour of the lips that have become pale and bring out the natural colour.
  14. Alter all the blemishes and blurred and darker lip lines.
  15. Conceal scars that are present on the lips and provide hypopigmentation.
  16. Permanent lip blush tattoo provides a kiss-proof and smudge-proof colour.
  17. The permanent lip blush treatment makes lips appear to be fuller and bigger.
  18. It eliminates the daily usage of pencils to outline, fillers or reshaping lip borders.
  19. Saves time and money!

The Traditional permanent lip blush treatment is done by a vigorous fixed machine that is used to deliver synthetic and rugged pigments and is installed deep in the dermis. Our best permanent lip blush treatment in mumbai of today is precisely unique. At Victress beauty academy, we use essential and organic pigments and modernized digital tools. The results are extravagantly natural looking. The idea is to deepen the colour of your lips, by creating a fuller and healthier look. Permanent lip blush tattoo treatments have classically followed a procedure that dictates colour within the line, but at Victress we use a methodology of using pigments that is safe to all the type of skin tones.

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