Lip Correction Treatment

Lip Correction Treatment

Best Lip Correction Treatment in Mumbai | India

The lips are among some of the most visible and noticeable parts of the human face. Here at Victress Beauty Academy, we provide the best lip correction treatment in mumbai. Hyperpigmentation is caused due to several reasons like tobacco smoking, stress, medication, and medical issues. One main reason can also be due to pregnancy as the hormones change, the pigmentation of the lips may also change.

Sometimes the lips may also turn blue due to lack of oxygen which is called cyanosis. The lips may turn white or pale accompanied by general paleness on the face mouth and sometimes nails. The treatment provided by us at the best lip correction treatment in mumbai involves treating the underlying condition causing your lip to get rid of discoloration

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The lips may swell or even become red for 1-2 days following the procedure.
  2. If need you can apply an ice pack on your lips but place a soft tissue between the lips and the ice pack to avoid direct contact.
  3. There should be no intake of salty food and liquids should be taken with a straw.
  4. Only an ointment can be applied on the lips and NO makeup should be applied during the healing process.
  5. Be careful while washing your face and do not rub the lips vigorously.
  6. Please make sure the post procedures are followed properly or else you may get an infection of the pigment.
  1. There should be no sores  prior 2 weeks of the procedure. If found any it must be cleared before the procedure.
  2. Don’t forget to keep your lips moisturized continuously for at least 2 weeks before the treatment is taken. Moisturized lips give better results than the dry lips.
  3. Avoid intake of beverages, energy drinks and caffeinated drinks that causes jitters on the day of the procedure.
  4. If you have any history or other medical issues we suggest you to take prior prescription from your physician to prevent any complications during the procedure.

Permanent lip colour tattoo treatment is done carefully by infusing a special colour pigment into the skin. Lip colour tattoos are also done if upper lip colour differs from the lower lip colour. Some people also do not like the thickness, corners or entire lips for which this treatment is recommended. The lip tattoos are actually done to enhance the natural look and it does not create an actual fullness. The advanced techniques which we use correct the shape of your lips which looks more balanced and symmetrical. To minimize the fine lines and give a fresh look we also add definition to the edge of your lips.

People develop lips in all sizes and shapes but they can be beautifully corrected by makeup. Lips corrective makeup is the permanent lip colour make-up that is done on the dermis that is the inner layer of skin. This technique is also called derma-pigmentation, cosmetic tattooing or micro-pigmentation. The process also involves a couple of tones and pixelating techniques which will give your lips a faux-natural pigmentation.

This treatment can be taken by anyone above the age of 18 years. It is for all those who desire soft, natural and enhanced lips. This gives a more bold look. It is highly recommended for people who get allergies due to the artificial makeup. It is also for people who don’t have time for makeup in their daily lives.

This is a permanent treatment that means it lasts for a few years and it fades with time. The lasting of this treatment depends from skin to skin with the age, exposure to elements like sun, skincare products, etc. However, the effect of the treatment can be prolonged by applying sun protection on the treated area.

The procedure maybe a little painful and cause some level of discomfort. We use anesthetics during the procedure to minimize the pain and maximise the clients comfort. The clients feedback is that the treatment is well tolerated and face no major issues.

Normally the healing process takes approximately 10-15 days. The lips may look very dry and chapped. As the colour gets lighter the skin also comes back. The actual and the perfect result is achieved after 2 weeks.

It is absolutely fine to wear lipstick, lip gloss and chapstick after 2 weeks of the treatment. Make sure that the tube of the product is new. Ensure you do not apply anything before 2 weeks, it may result in loss of pigment.

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