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  • Canadian standards

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a procedure of implanting semi permanent color pigmentation beneath the surface of the skin that resembles makeup, enhancing colors of the skin on face, lips, and eyelids. Thus intensifying the natural features of your face.

Body tattooing uses ink while cosmetic tattooing uses pigmentation that will fade over time. This fading allows you to change your appearance over the years. Cosmetic tattooing does not penetrate on the skin as deep as body tattooing, so it is not permanent.

They are both semi permanent cosmetic procedures.

Micro blading is a manual process that uses a special thin blade to draw on individual hair strokes one by one giving them a natural hair look.

Micro blading is perfect for those who want to fully reconstruct, define, cover gaps, or fill-in over plucked brows.

Micro pigmentation – uses a machine with a pen like tip that deposits the pigmentation deeper into the skin and as a result the line is thicker.

As the pigmentation is deposited deeper into the skin the healing time is longer.

This technique works better for people with oily skin.

Yes, our products come from UK and we can mix any color to match any hair color in a cool or dark tone depending on your preference.

Each an every individual has a different level of tolerance for pain. You will experience some discomfort. However, we use a very effective topical anesthetic gel that will numb the area before and during your procedure.

As a precaution, we do not perform cosmetic tattooing on pregnant or nursing women. As we do not want to put you or your baby under any stress.

Many factors will affect the amount of time your tattoo lasts. Lifestyle, skin type, your overall health, and other skin care regimens will play a role in the amount of time for your tattoo. As it is a semi permanent tattoo it will fade over time with time. On an average, the tattoo will last for 3-5 years.

You can refresh the color after 1 year & after 2 years we will schedule a consult to asses.

Your eyebrows require 2 appointments. Your initial appointment  and a touch up appointment. Your first appointment will be approximately for 2 hours and your week touch up appointment will be for about one and half  hours. We recommend you book them at the same time for safety and it is important that you have your touch up appointment scheduled in advance. We advise you to not cancel or reschedule this appointment.

If you require a touch up for a tattoo done from a different studio, we will have to redo them completely. There are many factors involved for example, the color. If color correction is needed it could cost more because of the work involved. Please contact us directly so we can assess your case on priority.

Each client’s skin responds differently to these treatments. Immediately after the procedure you will have minimal redness and slight swelling and this will disappear in a few hours. The area will be tender for a day or two. During the initial healing period, there will be scabbing or flaking of the skin. If there is some scabbing or flaking, do not pick, and allow the scab or dry skin to shed on its own. We recommend you to take Advil to alleviate the pain if needed.

Exposure to the sun: as the UV rays affect your skin it will affect your tattoo too. We recommend shielding them and to use sunblock when out in the sun. Any health conditions as they affect your body chemistry. Skin care regimens such as chemical peels will affect your tattoo.

For the following 4 days it will look darker and thicker but will slowly lighten over the next few weeks. It will start to scab after 4 days and the first hint of the true color will appear after approximately 10 days.

It is important to not wet the area or to apply anything other than what is advised in the After Care Pamphlet you will receive at your initial appointment.  This includes:

No sweating

No swimming, hot yoga or the gym

No exposure to the sun for 2 weeks

Only rinse your face twice a day for first 10 – 14 days, no soap, shampoo or chemicals of any kind are to be used on your face or touch your tattooed area

No makeup, ointments and creams of any kind for the first 2 weeks

You will be given a special ointment to apply on the tattooed area. Sunscreen should be applied daily after healing and helps keep the colour stay longer. As with any tattoo, sun exposure will make the colour soften faster. You will be given an After Care Sheet at the appointment outlining everything you need to do.

With cosmetic tattooing one will have defined eyebrows that will enhance the appearance of an individual. With normal skin and good overall health the tattoo will last longer. Oily skin, health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and if you are a smoker will affect the length of the tattoo. It is best to contact us to discuss your individual situation.


Tattoo artists at Victress Beauty Academy are trained by the best in the industry. Tools used in our academy meet the health and safety standards. The needle is of one time use only. It comes sterile wrapped and we use gloves. We sanitize before, between and after each client with hospital grade disinfectants.

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